Muthyala pic copyJohn Muthyala, Professor of English, completed graduate studies at Loyola University Chicago. At USM, he served as Chair of the English department, and is leading USM’s Digital Humanities Initiative.

He was Principal Investigator of Digital Maine, a collaborative, interdisciplinary multiyear program with five projects studying Maine history and culture; he is  currently leading a digital humanities project on the North Atlantic and Maine, designed to incorporate digital media in research and teaching about the North Atlantic, including Scandinavia, and the Arctic.

In 2017, Professor Muthyala team-taught Honors 195: Honors in Iceland, the first course launched in the Honors Study Abroad program focusing on the North Atlantic. He led the effort to use digital tools in the course: USM Honors Abroad is hosted on WordPress, and final student projects, drawing on Cheryl Ball, Jennifer Sheppard, and Kristin Arola’s Writer/Designer: A Guide to Making Multimodal Projects, incorporated a variety of digital tools for research on Iceland and Maine. In this course, Professor Muthyala taught the discovery narratives of the Icelandic sagas and Jón Kalman Stefánsson’s Fish Have No Feet.

Honors Iceland 2017

(In Reykjavik, Iceland, with Mount Esja in the background)

Professor Muthyala’s teaching and research areas are the Digital Humanities, Globalization, and International American Studies.  His scholarship includes two books, Reworlding America: Myth, History, and Narrative, and Dwelling in American: Dissent, Empire, and Globalization, and articles in New Global Studies,Cultural Critique, Comparative American Studies: an International Journal, and American Quarterly, among others.
Email: muthyala@maine.edu

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