Two Lights, ME

“The Digital Humanities (DH) can be viewed in two ways: as emerging and as emergent.

  • Emerging: Over the last two decades, as it grew from humanities computing into digital humanities, it spawned a range of analytics, journals, conferences, institutes, books, anthologies, courses, programs, and projects that carry its imprimatur with a degree of confidence signifying growth.
  • Emergent: Responding to new and rapid changes in technology; generating flexible, for-the-moment modes to appropriate the digital to study technological complexity in humanistic contexts; infusing new practices, forms, and tools of communication, learning, entertainment, and pleasure into social lives; negotiating the global flow of economic power and culture through digital systems and networks.

The tension between them is a central force animating DH today.”

Excerpted from John Muthyala’s “Whither the Digital Humanities?”

From Hybrid Pedagogy,Whither the Digital Humanities?” Image:  “Waiting,” Two Lights Park, Maine. John Muthyala, (Creative Commons, CC BY-NC 2.0)



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